Easy Paleo Recipe – Chicken Thighs with Apples, Sweet Potato, and Cherries

I am not a big believer in Paleo for kids or Cave kids but when I am cooking dinner at home it just sort of works out that way. I am a big believer of cooking with your kids though. Get em in the kitchen and get em helping. Doesn’t matter what they do. This is one of the main tricks for turning picky kids into good eaters. Doesn’t happen overnight though. Takes some repetition just like anything worthwhile. This site is not about cooking with your kids though. I do that over at chefandfather.com. But, since, I cook with my kids a lot it most likely they will make appearances here. If they can do it so can you.

I am a big fan of boneless chicken thighs. Way cheaper than boneless skinless breasts and open up a lot more cooking options because they hold up a little better with longer cooking and don’t dry out as much. Plus, they actually have some flavor.

I got some free-range chicken thighs and cleaned them up just a bit. Cast-iron skillet on high heat with just a little olive oil. The girls started peeling some red jewel sweet potatoes and an apple.

Peel swt pots Swt pot phone


Bit of sea salt on the chicken thighs and browned them on both sides. Sliced up the sweet potatoes and apples after the girls got done peeling them. If you don’t have a cast-iron skillet you really should. They are the best. Buy one Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
if you want.

chicken brown

Sliced swt pots


Removed the chicken and added the sweet potatoes and apple to the pan. Stir it up a bit. Got a little color on it. Season with a little more sea salt, whatever herbs you like, and maybe a little garlic powder.

salt on swt pots


Quick drizzle of apple cider vinegar and some water. Add the chicken back. Cover with foil and pop in the oven.

chx plus in pan boil

Now you have a half hour to go do something else. The girls were running around outside and set the table in the amazing evening sun of early June in Seattle. This made made the recipe feel a little to fall-like with the apples and such so I decided to make a quick cherry sauce to spring it up a bit.

Pitted some cherries and threw em in a little pan. The girls ran by and ate half of them of course. Added a little water and sea salt. Cooked, what was left, down a bit and done.

Cherries stove


Still had some time to put some photos of our dinner on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of course!

instagramming recipe


At about a half hour I removed the foil and let the chicken just roast a bit to kind of get the steamed feel off of it.

Needed some greens so I threw on another skillet. Olive oil. Couple big handfuls of greens mix, kale, spinach, etc. Garlic powder and quick sauté. I stirred in a little whole grain mustard into the greens just to give them a little kick.


That’s it. Just left is to plate it up or serve family-style.

plated dish


eat outside


No worries. About 40 minutes of having fun in the kitchen with kids and making some fast and easy Paleo food. Paleo recipes can be super easy and cheap because this is some back to basics food. You can still get creative but the core of Paleo cooking is just simple and easy. This dinner cost me about 10 bucks for the 3 of us with a little left over for school lunch the next day. Life is good.

Check out the full recipe on my Recipes page.

Eat what makes you feel good. No diets required.

Much love,

Chef Greg

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